Why visit Elba

Lush, pristine beaches of all types and colors, history, art and culinary traditions are that you won’t find elsewhere on the planet. The most crystal clear waters you can imagine surround Elba, Italy, stunning wilderness, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

A different sea every day. In Elba, you can choose between cliffs, rocks, or sand beaches. The sand varies in color from white to gold to red to black. The rocks? They range from gravel to stones to steep cliffs. Tomorrow on your Elba holiday you could snorkel off the coast of the Island of Ortano. Then, driven by the thrill of exploration, you can conquer the wild coves of the Innamorata and Calanova, reachable only by boat. Maybe you’re inclined to try windsurfing in Chiessi, or perhaps you want to relax on the beach, lulled by magical light dancing across clear waters.

The Island of Elba has something for everyone. Elba Island, Italy is a fabulous host and will satisfy the desires of every visitor. Families can plunge into holidays in Elba packed with fun at the beach. Backpackers can quench their thirst for exploration by camping Elba, while those who seek relaxation will find it in the town of La Zanca and Costa dei Gabbiani. And at night, be enchanted by the colors and sounds from the bustling street markets of Porto Azzurro. The Isle of Elba invites you to envelop and rejuvenate yourself in her vibrant spirit.

Leave the gray behind and dive into the colors of “isola Elba.” Just gaze up at the sky in Elba on a winter’s day and you will be amazed at the vibrancy of the colors that are the essence of this island. From the flaming dawn of Rio to the northeastern blue skies on a windy day to the sunsets of Pomonte, every day is unique and spectacular. The color palette of Elba, Tuscany is infinite. Enjoy the colorful blooming flowers of spring, the infinite shades of blue in the sea, the iron-red dirt or the brilliant granite… Which color will remind you of your holidays to Elba?

A diverse, multifaceted land, Elba is rich with history and nature. Enjoy stunning sunsets from the beaches of Chiessi and Pomonte, or from the terrace of Capoliveri. Search for orchids on the breathtaking trails between the valleys and the cliffs overlooking the fragrant Mediterranean Sea. Or dive right into it with a deep-sea excursion. Let winds that have ruled the island for centuries guide you on your Elba holidays. Every place, every grain of sand, every breath brings unique stories of the land and the sea, varied and fascinating like the landscapes of the island.

Sports for everyone, from experienced to novice. On the Isola d’Elba you can scuba-dive at Scoglietto of Portoferraio or another island south of Elba. Or do you prefer snorkeling off the coast of an Elba Island beach, like at the shipwreck of Pomonte? Want a hike on the Trail of Butterflies or mountain bike adventure at the Capoliveri Bike Park? Consult your map of Elba and take detour to the legendary mines. Island Elba is extremely diverse and offers solutions for every type of athlete. Whether it’s sailing, archery, climbing, diving, swimming, or golf that you crave, Elba has something for you. It is impossible to get bored!

Book your flights to Elba and quench your thirst for exploration. For those adventure-loving tourists, taking your holidays Elba style is perfect. Follow the footsteps of the island’s prehistoric past in the style of Indiana Jones. There are wonderful hiking trails that lead you up Mount Capanne. You will see breathtaking views of the Dolomites, discover the houses of old shepherds, Stele, and menhirs like Pietra Murata and Sassi Erect (the name says it all!) Check out the prehistoric tombs of Piane della Sughera, and don’t forget your compass, water and camera.

Gaze into infinity from the mountain in the sea. It takes about twenty minutes to reach the summit of Mount Capanne. It is an exciting trip up in a gondola, and you will get stunning views of Elba, an isle south of Elba, the Tuscan Archipelago, and even the mainland. From up here you can really understand the charm and magic, the mountain, and the sea that have thrived here for centuries. Take your hermitage Elba style on the island shaped like a fish. Elba is rich with life, an abundant paradise in the middle of the stunning blue Tyrrhenian Sea.

Simple ingredients and unforgettable flavors.This fresh, delicious food year-round is all thanks to the Elba island weather, temperate and optimal for farming. How does fish tasted when cooked on the seashore? Elba is sprinkled with restaurants perched on sea coves where you can enjoy aperitifs or dinners rich with the delicate tastes of the sea that you can enjoy on your Elba island holidays. The pleasant sounds of the waves crashing on the coast will keep you company. More rustic palates will be amazed by the tasty experimental interpretations of traditional dishes. These dishes are popular in the mining towns on the eastern side of the island. Always accompany these plates with the famous Aleatico DOCG wine, unique and intense, like our island.

Learn about the island through its fragrances. Like those that waft up from marina di Campo Elba. Discover the local flora, search for the sea lily Illyrian on the dunes of Lacona and bask in the beauty of the secular yew trees and the Poggio. These ancient beauties are evidence of the ancient Tertiary forest. Look for Elba accommodation in the midst of giant prickly pears. Admire the blooming gorse flowers as you drive up the road from Calone (above Lovers Beach) that leads up to the Vallone Mine. Couples beware: the heady scents can cause sudden surges of passion!