What traveler are you? Sporty tourists

If you love pristine nature, trails surrounded by luscious plant life, cliffs overlooking the sea and a lively and flourishing seabed, then Elba is the ideal vacation spot for you. This island is perfect for lovers of outdoor sports who want to satisfy their craving for adventure.

If lounging under an umbrella on the hot sand like a lizard is not exactly your perfect vacation, the island of Elba offers you hundreds of possibilities to participate in outdoor physical activities. You will have the opportunity to get tan, toned, train your body and relax during your vacation in Elba.

Elba is an island where the climate is perfect during every season. In spring and autumn the temperature is perfect for long walks, jogging and cycling along the various nature trails around the island. As evidence of this, many sporting events take place in Elba in the spring and autumn such as triathlons, mountain bike races, marathons, and underwater competitions. There is also the world famous "Walking Festival" organized by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. There are many free walks offered that you can participate in for free, catered to all fitness levels and tastes.

The sea is synonymous with sports in Elba. When temperatures rise and the sun beats down, sports lovers turn to the sea. Here, you can indulge in a huge range of water sports including kayaking, snorkeling, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, stand up paddle board (you paddle while standing on top of the surf board) and JetLev, which is the evolution of water skiing fueled by air engines. And of course we cannot forget the crown jewel of Elba: scuba diving. The Divers Association of Elba boasts thirty clubs scattered all across our beautiful island. These clubs are basically service centers that offer assistance and the expert advice of professional divers. Whether you were born with fins and feel at home in the water or would like to dive for the first time, this great organization will help you get started on your diving experience in Elba.

Whether it is winter or summer, in Elba you can always do sports. In Elba you can enjoy walking, swimming, biking, sailing, climbing, playing golf, having fun on the slopes… the list goes on and on! Because of Elba’s wonderful and mild climate all year round, even during the cooler months there are many opportunities to participate in outdoor activities. The weather is usually mild even in December and a dry suit is needed for swimming only for about three months per year. Some years can be rainier than others, but it is not known as a rainy island.

The irresistible lure of roaring engines in Elba. Finally, if you're passionate about engines, whether on two or four wheels, in Elba you will have the opportunity to watch the Historic Rally live – with your own eyes. You can also enjoy the regular practices of the Elba Graffiti team, which in May and September take incredible rounds around the island. You will get surges of adrenaline just by watching some of the world’s most renowned and famous racing circuits.

In short, we recommend starting with some warm-up exercises and stretching. Elba is waiting for you with all kinds of exciting new challenges in the beautiful outdoors!