Seafood and great wine, it's really gourmet!

There are more than four hundred dining establishments scattered across the Island of Elba. The traditional and experimental recipes are all deeply rooted in the land itself. The dishes differ from town to town, but are all characterized by the fresh produce and local ingredients of Elba.

You are at a table in a restaurant on an evening in Elba. In the background, the forks tick on ceramic plates and the sound of waves crashing on the shore creates a beautiful soundtrack. As you turn, you can feel a slight breeze from the beach that caresses your face. This is only one of the many dining possibilities available to you in Elba. If you seek an unforgettable eating experience, Elba is the island for you. Full of seaside restaurants, picturesque local cafes hidden in the historic center, pizzerias, steak-houses and delis, Elba offers a diverse cuisine that will keep you licking your lips all day long.

"And what would you like to eat?” Our answer to the big question is this: taste the places where you go to spend your vacations. The diversity of the soil in Elba creates a variety of local products and unique recipes that would be a shame not to try. If you are staying in the area of Rio Marina and Rio Elba, make sure you taste the local fish made in the traditional way: "alla Riese." You must also get a taste of the delicious codfish soup, called sburrita. And last but not least, the desert: schiaccia briaca accompanied by a fresh glass of Aleatico, Elba’s most famous wine.

If you find yourself in the picturesque town of Porto Azzurro, embark on a culinary journey of rich grilled seafood. It is delicately flavored and portions are generous, like the soul of the island. For a tasty quick meal, go with the Gorani impastellati (whitebait), which is an Elban delicacy to be eaten with your hands. And to satisfy your sweet tooth, try a delicious crepe with Nutella from one of Porto Azzuro’s “piadinerie.” Okay, the Nutella crepe is not really a traditional dish invented Elba, but we love it here. You can find it all over the island, so join us and indulge in this delicious, warm and sweet creation!

When you are in Portoferraio, do not miss a taste of the risotto with cuttlefish, boiled octopus (a very traditional Elban dish) and the amazing fried fish dishes cooked strictly in local olive oil.

On the ancient streets of Capoliveri, you will be offered delicious fresh fish dishes accompanied by the best local wines and olive oils. Pasta lovers should try the penne boat. Pizza lovers should definitely taste the seafood pizza. For lovers of pizza, try the special Elban version with seafood. If the "linguine alla margherita" on the menu intrigues you, be careful: it is a classic dish that is famously addictive!

As you walk around the charming villages and ancient streets in the area of Campo nell'Elba, we recommend trying the “cacciucco,” which is the famous Elban version of the classic fish soup, at least once! Even those visitors who didn’t come to enjoy the food and sit around the table were completely converted and excited about our amazing fish soup. This recipe struck even the great Napoleon, who was certainly no food tourist. You should also try the “palamita sott’olio,” which is the pride of the island. And for desert you must taste the corollo, a tasty donut made with simple ingredients in accordance with the traditional recipe.

Marciana will also surprise you. If you go in the right time of year and you love mushrooms, take a hike through the woods and keep your eyes peeled. You may just find a treasure trove of hearty porcini and chanterelle mushrooms. The chestnuts in this area also have a unique flavor, which is enhanced by the proximity of Marciana to the sea. You can eat them boiled, roasted, or in a chestnut cake, which is a real treat! Not to be missed is the gurguglione, a tasty vegetable side dish that will bring you back to the time of pirate raids. To satisfy that sweet tooth, try the crispy schiacciunta cake, which is crispy, thin, and crumbly.

Finally, explore the picturesque fishing village of Marciana Marina. You will be tempted by the irresistible odors from traditional bakeries, where they still bake the cakes that are the crucial ingredients for panzanella. Panzanella is the typical summer dish of summers in Elba. To satisfy your hunger, you can opt for a lunch of tagliatelle or pappardelle fresh off from under the rolling pin in one of the many restaurants near the historic waterfront.