Sand, pebbles or cliffs? Elba has the beach that's right for you

Elba offers more than 150 beautiful seaside resorts between coves, cliffs and beaches of various types. All magical and unique places, head to one of these beaches to enjoy the sea in Elba or just relax in the sun.

We all know that above all, the beach is a matter of taste. Some people like the traditional fine golden sand beach where they can lie down to soak up the rays. Other people prefer fine pebble beaches. And those more adventurous travelers want to experience the sea in a different, more adrenaline-packed way.

Building multicolored sandcastles. Do you prefer white, gold or black? In Elba you can choose from a myriad of shades of sand. There are the clear granite beaches in the northwest to the long beaches on the southern side to the amber sands of Cavoli, Marina di Campo and Lacona. Check out the shiny black specks of iron in the eastern coves of Elba from Cavo to Rio Marina. Building a sandcastle is a pastime for both the young and the old. Take a nice break from the scorching sun in the adjacent pine forests or in the many service areas equipped to serve even the most secluded coves.

Breathtaking cliffs unlike any others in the world. The geological composition of Elba has astonished the human race since the dawn of time because of its variety and richness. For example, you can admire the granite studded with crystals of orthoclase, red jasper, shining iron, magnetite, hematite, and pyrite. Some are pointed and sharp, while others have been shaped over time by the wind into soft curves. Some of the most beautiful cliffs in Elba are the Cote Piane at Sant'Andrea, a destination for scholars and enthusiasts, or the pools of Seccheto, where visitors can play in the ancient Roman granite quarries. Take a dive into one of these enticing pools, you are guaranteed to have a blast!

Gravel in the tropical atmosphere. In the towns of Enfola and Portoferraio where the coasts are covered with small, white gravel dotted with blue tourmaline, the sea bottom has an amazing array of dream-like colors from turquoise to emerald green and everything in between. Capo Bianco, Sansone, Sottobomba, and Acquaviva are some of the most picturesque bays on the island, reachable by foot in just two minutes on one of the small footpaths. Every day you can enjoy a different type of gravel: large and granite in the western side, and small iron in the east. In any case, the continuous sound of the crashing surf on the gorgeous shores of Elba will be impossible to forget.

Well-populated or deserted and private beach? Whatever the shape and size of your ideal beach, you can choose to participate in the proverbial friendly atmosphere of Elba by participating in the large variety of seasonal events or just by making friends with your neighbors on the beach. Or you can cut out your own private corner of Elba, easily reachable on foot or by sea. Of course, there are endless deserted coves that are also well equipped with services on the Calamita coast, or the crowded beaches that hide the smaller coves and cliffs, such as the Rock of the Countess between Lacona and Laconella.

After choosing your beach, the real fun begins. If to you the sea is synonymous with relaxation, you just have to lay your towel down and open a good book. You will rest easy, knowing that anything you may desire is just a few steps away. If instead you feel the lure of adventure and adrenaline, you can choose between kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and the latest water sport: SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard). For this sport, you hold onto the paddle while standing on the board at use it to push yourself around in the water. Then there is JetLev, which is the latest invention in the evolution of water skiing with lots of air engines.

If you want our advice, do not leave the island without having done both: adventure and relax!