Elba, pristine nature at your front door

There is a place, not too far away, where you can immerse yourself in an all-encompassing natural environment. Whether you love the sea, the land, or the high mountain country, this place has it all: the Island of Elba.

Land or sea? The choice is yours. It is a tough decision between putting on your boots or your fins, but in Elba visitors do not have to exclude one or the other! This beautiful island is just waiting to be explored in all its environmental wonders, both above and below sea level. With a host of outdoor activities that will help you discover the heart of our lush island, you can explore for yourself Elba’s incredible biodiversity.

Observe, breath, and live Elba. You do not have to be an expert in biodiversity in order to enjoy the simple yet stunning natural wonders of Elba. Simply bring along a good bit of curiosity and a nice pair of binoculars or a snorkeling mask, and you can start your own personal safari on the Island of Elba.

Put your backpack on and head off to the trails in the great granite zone of San Piero, on the slopes of Mount Capanne. Imagine yourself at the first light of the day, with the sun rising behind you, illuminating the paths and trails that have been used by farmers for thousands of years. Here in the silence of the refreshing Elban morning, with the smell of dew and the Mediterranean all around you, you might happen to meet a bunch of sleepy and curious mouflon birds. Make friends, and observe the graceful awakening of their flock.

Why not try out a day of observing Elba’s amazing butterflies? Along the gorgeous hiking trails of Monte Perone you can’t fix a date with these elegant ladies of nature. But this will just make the sighting of a Polissena or Vanessa del Cardo butterfly an even more rare, intimate and unforgettable experience!

Get out those binoculars and put that nose towards the sky to enjoy some of the world’s best bird watching in Elba. While you are suspended mid-air on the ridges of the east coast like Cima del Monte and Monte Capanello, behind Rio Elba, you may see kestrels and buzzards circling patiently. They are performing the "holy spirit" of the hunt. So get up there, where only the birds of prey dare to stay!

Discover the discreet notes of colors and scents of the various seasonal flowering vegetation of the Island of Elba. Among the natural wonders of Elba is the famous spring explosion of Monte Calamita, filled with intense and colorful blossoms. It is also fun to search for all the different kinds of wild orchids that are scattered across the entire island like little colorful treasures.

And if you are having fun on the land constantly discovering new things, just wait until you get to the sea! You can navigate around the island any way you want, and with any kind of companion. Why not take a swim with the bottlenose dolphins or the tursiopi, which are a local breed of dolphin? With a little luck, you will have the emotional and exciting experience of spotting a whale. In fact, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park is the heart of the area known as the Whale Sanctuary!

Arm yourself with flippers, a mask and a snorkel and you are ready to roll! Check out the amazing biodiversity of the seabed, including the luscious sea grass meadows. Wonder at the sandy bottoms off the cliffs of the Fetovaia Gemini Islands and the water the color of the Caribbean Sea in towns like Ghiaie and Capo Bianco.

All you have to do is step onto the island to start your journey of discovery on the treasure trove that is Elba. You will surely begin to understand the wonders of Elba’s biodiversity. The island, as if by magic, will lead you to fall in love with her.