Elba for two: the island, the sea, you and me

This island is one of love and romance. Between the salt of the sea, the sun on your skin, aperitifs and romantic midnight swims, romance is in the air on the Island of Elba. It is the ideal location for a honeymoon, anniversary or simply to celebrate your love for one another.

Did you know that Napoleon met his Polish mistress, the Countess Maria Walewska, at the church of the Madonna del Monte Marciana? This romantic and enchanting sanctuary is at the end of a steep path a bit outside of the town center. According to the legend, the Emperor carefully prepared the room in which his Lady would sleep. He adorned it with the finest beds, beds, furniture, carpets and chairs that had to be brought up the hill by mule. Every night Napoleon left his personal quarters wearing nothing but a robe and entered the room of his Polish mistress. He left her room only at dawn. It was a prohibited but sincere affection between the two lovers, which confirms that the Island of Elba is a magical place for every kind of couple. Basically, Elba is an island bursting with love.

What kind of couple are you while on vacation?

Are you and your loved one adventurous and romantic like our nineteenth-century heroes, or do you prefer a vacation devoted to relaxation? If you are looking for relaxation and rejuvenation, you will find Elba the perfect vacation spot. Check out the beaches of Biodola Portoferraio and Innamorata in Capoliveri. Innamorata actually means “in love,” so it is a guarantee for romance! The dramatic scenery and the fabulous sunset are perfect ingredients for a romantic evening. Services and amenities do not lack in Elba. For example, you and your lover can lie down on a comfortable chaise longue for two and sip a pair of Mojitos while you contemplate the natural beauty that surrounds you. The numerous restaurants and kiosks near the beach offer good opportunities to eat fresh fish from Elba in an intimate tête-à-tête environment lit by candles.

Explore the treasures of the Island of Elba: together everything is more special.

Elba is a land of contrasts, inspiring emotions and unique feelings. Depending on the day, a couple can transform from a romantic pair into adventurous explorers. Make sure to bring some hiking boots or buy some while on the island, because the nature walks are quite splendid and romantic. Take a trip up to the stunning Castle Volterraio, and perhaps bring along a bottle of good wine from Elba to celebrate the climb in front of a landscape that will take your breath away. You will have an amazing panoramic view of Portoferraio and its splendid architecture from above. In the background the islands of Capraia and Corsica twinkle in the distance and the majestic Monte Capanne smiles wisely at you from the left.

Discover the magic of Elba in every corner of the island.

In the evening, after a long day of exploring the intense footpaths and fulfilling your wildest island desires, you will find comfort in the lovely beach of Norsi. This romantic beach is a combination of both pebbles and sand and it is ideal for in intimate nighttime swim. The sea is beautiful and the water stays at a perfect lukewarm temperature from spring to autumn, even at night. You will be amazed and delighted at how clearly you can see the stars!

You still haven’t gotten your fix of fun and excitement?

To satisfy your craving for world class entertainment and fun, Elba offers several options. Dress up and take your special someone to the streets of Porto Azzurro. This lovely seaside village is filled with cute seaside cafes that are open until late. In the summer, they even stay open all night. Otherwise, you can opt for one of the classic live music pubs that animate the streets of Campo nell'Elba and Portoferraio. Let the sounds of local and international musicians who are embracing the Elban lifestyle give a touch of flavor and color to your romantic evening.

Are you ready to call it a night? Well, you are probably hungry! Don’t worry, you can easily find a wonderful street food booth to grab a hot and fresh pizza or a savory crepe.