Elba for those with time to spend

Who said that entering retirement does not have its advantages? You can visit the island of Elba in the off-season, which is a spectacular experience not to be missed by anyone!

Even in the off-season, Elba is equally beautiful. Beaches are dotted colored umbrellas, smells of tempting dishes waft across the breeze from everywhere, the playful voices of children, the summer music hits playing in the background and above you, the starriest sky you have ever imagined. This is the Elba in its peak season: sparkling and evocative. But it is in the rest of the year that the island shows her true nature: wild and mysterious, fragrant woods and underbrush, salt and wind.

Soak yourself in Elba and change your watches to “Island time.” Many famous artists have stayed on the island and over time have fallen in love with its magical atmosphere and the feeling of losing nature in the modern, hurried world that can be rediscovered here in Elba. Days of pure relaxation to enjoy unhurried. Explore the other islands of the archipelago north of Elba in the cold seasons, then warm up by the fireplace, enjoying local fresh herbal teas or small glasses of sweet Aleatico Passito. As you stroll throughout the villages on the sunny paths, you will be amazed by all the cultural activities, literary presentations and theater performances that are going on all day. You are always welcomed to join!

The sea, something to experience all year round. With the arrival of spring, or late autumn, when the sea is still warm and so calm that it seems a lake, there is nothing better than a ride in a kayak, paddling slowly through transparent coves. Or, even better, experience the thrill scuba diving to admire the rich marine life with your own eyes. But also, just strolling on the sand or on the cliffs and enjoying the sun is an activity you can never get bored with in Elba.

The summer in Elba offers infinite possibilities. The island in the summer offers a variety of private and quiet locations where you can enjoy the paradise beaches just a short walk from where you will stay. Reaching the nightlife will be just as simple. It is totally up to you to get the most out of your Elba vacations. You have the chance to enjoy a series of relaxing massages, try some fun new yoga classes, or wake up early for a yoga session at sunrise on the beach. Life is good in Elba.

Eat healthy – and well! Elban cuisine is the healthiest and most appetizing I have ever tried. They prepare everything with the simplest ingredients, such as fresh fish, herbs, vegetables and fruits that grow well in the strong Mediterranean sun and salt. Combine these crucial ingredients together and you will enjoy dishes rich in flavors, tastes, smells and colors. If you follow a particular diet, Elba is very accommodating. Even going grocery shopping is fun! There are rural “Kilometer 0” markets and they get fresh fish directly from the fishing vessel to fish sellers that line up on the sides of the marinas every morning.

Breath the blue and you will be reborn… into nature. Whatever your favorite season, a visit to Elba will have wonderful benefits on your body and soul. There are no conventional periods on the island. Instead, you will find Elba’s abundantly starching contrasts. You may even want to live here forever! You will make friends with the sea breeze too, as every time you breath out, the sea breeze always blows back in and fills your lungs with air.