A thousand vacations for the whole family on Pirati Island

The Island of Pirates offers many adventures for the whole family.

Nature and history come together to keep everyone entertained, while the many activities designed for children and family will take care of your peace of mind.

No stress! Travelling with the family can take a lot of effort. It requires attention to detail, great organizational skills, and a lot of patience. In Elba, leave your worries behind as soon as you step off the ferry. Enjoy the slow pace, hospitality and activities for everyone that help you satisfy even the little ones. You will immediately feel the protective, comfortable and familial atmosphere of the Island of Elba.

Live like once upon a time. Let Elba take you back to the beauty of a ball bouncing on the pavement, a bike resting on the third tree on the right, a cove to explore in search of crabs and driftwood, and the pirate stories that fuel the thirst for adventure and exploration. In Elba, children can still play and learn in close contact with nature, learning to love it and bring it with them in their hearts as they grow up.

Let the contagious simplicity of Elba enchant you. The great thing about children is that they make friends right away. There is no such thing as cultural or linguistic barriers. The intrepid spirit and sense of vitality that lives within the children of Elba will animate your children in the same way. In no time, they too will be searching for the hidden treasures of the Saracens or the nests of seagulls. Watch them become archers, ship captains and explorers. And don’t be surprised when they ride down the street on a donkey, like in the old days.

Soak up the atmosphere of the island together. In Elba, the “sirocco” air comes loaded with the perfumes of ancient stories. It has the special power to engage children and adults in adventurous experiences. From a kayak ride along the tropical beaches of Enfola and Portoferraio, to snorkeling around the Elviscott shipwreck, the ship that lies just below the surface of the clear waters of Pomonte. You can dive in search of seahorses, or perhaps hike the peaks of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park surrounded by a fairytale landscape. And aspiring "Robin Hoods" can even take an archery class!

When learning becomes the synonym of fun. Children have endless energy, curiosity and desire to learn. Some of the must-see destinations for the most curious travelers are the Archaeological Museum, the Aquarium, the Napoleonic Residences, and the mines, which are real open-air museums. You can also check out the Museum of the Sea and the Park Houses, the pottery workshops, various touring theatrical productions and puppet shows. And don’t forget the Nautilus, the glass-bottomed boat that offers exploration of the seabed from within! Then there is the gondola that brings you from Marciana to the highest peak of Mount Capanne. You go up in pairs, never too far from the ground, and in less than twenty minutes you can enjoy a lovely ice cream or a coffee while soaking in the enchanting landscape of the Tuscan Archipelago from above.

The Island of Elba is a nature school. When it comes to school trips or first outdoor experiences, Elba is the ideal destination. The mild climate, the friendliness of the people, the vast facilities that offer many diverse activities make it the perfect place for adventurers of all ages.

Guides and experienced instructors will accompany the young explorers, ensuring total security and protection. They will lead them down the same roads as the pioneers of the past and tell them the classic old stories. As you look around, you may feel like you are dreaming, but it is real! While it is true that children from Elba are born on the island, your kids will soon discover that they too can become children of Elba.