The extraordinary sea has something for everyone!

Whether you want sports, relaxation, comfort, romance, family-friendly or uninhabited, you will find the perfect beach from one of the 150 on the island.

Elba: wild and pristine, super-equipped, avant-garde… Discover it for yourself. The opportunities to experience the sea along the more than 147 kilometers of coastline are vast. Each beach has its own character: long beaches of golden sand, small coves of pebbles, black sand beaches, white pebbles, basalt and proud granite cliffs. It is impossible not to find one that makes your heart pound.

Far away from the world but just a few steps from everything. Enjoy the sublime contact with nature, the silence, the simplicity of a backpack as you explore hidden and exclusive views. Imagine yourself as one of the first explorers to discover the island. In Elba, it is still possible to achieve without ever straying too far from the comforts of the modern world. Hidden coves, nesting sea birds and fish can be glimpsed from the coast as the water is transparent. Take a trip to Cotaccia, right next to Patresi, or Fonza, or to the Marina di Campo, or one of the many lovely, secluded bays in the Calamita peninsula.

Lots of sports, both above and below the surface. Sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and the hot new Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) which is a variety of surfing where you stand upright on the board. Elba’s sea gives you the chance to engage yourself in many aquatic sports, whether you were born with gills or prefer the mainland. For example, try the thrill of breathing underwater, in safety, led by diving instructors in one of the many scubadiving Elba excursions. They say diving is the "baptism of the sea," and is an essential activity for any visitor. The adventurous can go to Pomonte to explore the wreck of the great ship Elviscott, lying on the bottom of the majestic sea.

Experience Elba’s sea, with the family or as a couple. Enjoy a romantic sunset by the sea, sipping the finest local wines, and bask in the intimate atmosphere that only Elba can give you. And if you have a big family and the children are along for the vacation, you will appreciate the convenience of having the beach just a few minutes walk away. It is a lovely stroll through the shady alleys of St. Andrew, for example, or the picturesque harbors, like those of Porto Azzurro and Marciana Marina.

The weather? Not a problem here! The beauty of Elba you just need to know where the wind is blowing from and head to the other side of the island to be protected from it by the mountains. Strong and heavy Scirocco winds? No problem: you can head to the seaside resorts on the north coast, like Capo Bianco or Cala dei Frati! Rough mistral wind? Just head down south to the many beautiful beaches like Barabarca, famous for its lovely mixed sand.

Check out the “Winds” section of our Blog to find the right beach for every wind condition.

The colors and smells of the sea in Elba. To explore it means gradually understanding its essence. Like visitors to the island since the dawn of time, you will find yourself falling in love with Elba. Every visitor has a special place in their heart where their vacation in Elba resides. That memory is their own unique bond with the island.

What will be yours?