Marciana: the ancient village of history and nature

Marciana, Elba is an enchanting area that is characterized by the slow and relaxed pace of life. It is one of the most important centers of cultural heritage on the Island of Elba.

The municipality of Marciana stretches along the slopes of Mount Capanne in the northwestern part of the island. It is a mountainous and steep terrain, characterized by lush and unspoiled nature. When it reaches the sea, the land softens and gives way to the spectacular beaches of Sant'Andrea and Procchio. The presence of the mountains, however, guarantees shelter from the stifling summer heat, especially near the rocky coast. The coastline is dotted with gorgeous little coves that are pure paradise with a little sea breeze.

The community of Marciana has been around since the thirteenth century. During the Middle Ages, it was one of the ten municipalities governed by Pisa. In 1399, the town was annexed to the state of Piombino, which governed until 1802, when the whole island became French territory. During the rule of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the Municipality of Marciana enjoyed a large territorial expansion into western Elba. It ran from the Acquaviva beach in the north all the way down to the beach of Fonza in the south. Then, in 1884, the village of Marciana Marina became its own municipality and in 1894 Marciana was divided again, giving birth to Marina di Campo.

Visiting Marciana you can breathe, feel, and live the “old” lifestyle. The pace is slow, relaxed, stress-free and in total harmony with nature. The people of Marciana, called the “Marcianesi,” have contributed for centuries to Elba’s unique and fascinating cultural heritage. They are one of the oldest people on the island! Days in Marciana are completely transformed when the large groups of tourists arrive during the summer season. Tourism is a big source of income for Marciana, due undoubtedly to the incredible variety of beautiful beaches in the area. If you like the wild and unspoiled beaches located in the western portion of the town, in front of Corsica, do not miss a trip to Chiessi, Patresi , Zanca and Sant'Andrea. The more developed and populated beaches are located in the Gulf of Procchio and are equally beautiful.