Campo nell'elba, beaches and hospitality

This is a proud and beautiful territory, one of the most fascinating on the island. It also includes the charming island of Pianosa.

The Campo nell'Elba comune extends from the Gulf of Lacona to Pomonte. Marina di Campo, the capital, was once a fishing village that stretched all the way down the long and sandy bay. Today, it is the main center of the town of Campo nell'Elba. Its lovely sandy beach is always busy and packed during the summer season. On the western end of the bay of Marina di Campo stands an imposing cylindrical tower. It was most likely built during the Pisan rule as a defense system.

Today the area of Campo nell’Elba has excellent hotels. Tourists will have the option to choose between a lively, social holiday in one of the Campo dell’Elba hotels on the coast, or a quiet and secluded holiday in the picturesque inland village. Both San Piero and Sant'Ilario are great little villages that offer great options of diverse Campo nell’Elba hotels and accommodations . You can also choose to stay in one of the Campo nell’Elba hotel select seaside villages like Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, and even the charming Island of Pianosa. The airport of La Pila is in the town of Campo and it efficiently connects the island of Elba with various Italian and European cities, even during the winter months.

The village of St. Hilary, situated on a hill 207 meters above sea level, gazes down upon the lovely Gulf of Marina di Campo. It is one of the oldest and most characteristic villages on the island. A Sant'Ilario you can see the Church of St. John, the largest primitive Christian temple on the Island of Elba. Along the road leading to San Piero you will find the stunning Tower of San Giovanni in Campo. This is a very important Pisan monument that dominates the surrounding landscape with its grandeur.

San Piero stands on the huge granite face of Monte Capanne at 227 meters above sea level. Here you can visit some of Elba’s most famous caves. They are all rich in minerals. The most famous are Fonte del Prete, Caviere, Vallicella and Grotta d’oggi.  Many geologists call Elba the "granite treasure chest” thanks to these caves. In San Piero you can also visit the important religious monument called the Church of St. Nicholas. This church was actually built on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple.