Quality products from Elba

Thanks to Elba’s rich geo-mines and traditional craft practices handed down for centuries, the island is lush with excellent products that are famous around the world.

Not everyone knows that Elba offers much more than just beautiful beaches. Like an oyster, Elba has several precious pearls. These are products of excellent quality which over the years have become famous in both Italian and international markets.

The starting point is always the sea. In the wreck of a Roman ship, a small ivory statuette with a precious ancient seal was found off the coast of Paolina. It was a mysterious "message of the sea", which inspired the three founders of Acqua dell’Elba to try to enclose the essence of the island in a glass bottle. The results are amazing scents and perfumes that are hand-made in the laboratories at Marciana Marina in an old Renaissance-style workshop. Production is limited, as it is important to respect the rhythms of nature. Acqua dell’Elba strives for simplicity, transparency and beauty. So, what is the essence of Elba? Choose your favorite in one of the many shops on the island, there's at least one per city.

Then, there are those who want to wear the sea. Lalita is a beautiful silk caress inspired by the colors of the Elban sea. The photos are printed on large shawls that illustrate Elba’s seabed. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of colors, from blue to green to brown. Water, flora and fauna perfectly intersect in these lovely patterns. Why silk? Because it is natural and precious, just like the sea surrounding the island. The woven threads give motion to the water, which was frozen in time in the printing process. Treat yourself at one of the chic boutiques of the island.

Other excellent typical products from Elba to wear? Let’s talk about LOCMAN, world famous brand of high quality watches. The factory is located right on the waterfront at the Campo Marina. While the expert watchmakers design and assemble boxes in titanium, carbon fiber and other high-tech materials, through the window you can look out at the sea and the fishermen working with their ropes on the dock. The smell of the sea penetrates the laboratory where they design the mechanical functions of the most sophisticated models. In the small factory overlooking the pier, LOCMAN founded the Italian School of Watchmaking. It is an internal academy dedicated to research and education in the watch industry. LOCMAN is present in many parts of the world, from Tokyo to New York, but the original is in Elba. Find out for yourself in the LOCMAN stores in Campo Marina, Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro.

And for fashion lovers? We have Dampai, producer of handbags, purses and colorful accessories that are the perfect touch of original style your closet needs. Dampai is one of the makers of handicrafts in Elba that is dedicated to eco-sustainability. The jewelry (necklaces and bracelets) is manufactured in natural rubber and rubber derivatives, while the handbags and belts are made from materials such as foam, bonded leather, synthetic fabrics or recycled goods. Every product is characterized by the lightness of composition and materials, which make them the perfect practical accessories for any occasion, from grocery shopping to a drink with friends. Obviously, they are all strictly "made in Elba" by the experienced hands of the local artisans. You’re sure to find the model that is perfect to you in the flagship Dampai store in Elba.

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, the dermocosmetics company OZONE Health & Beauty, is the perfect option. It is produced by Dream Tuscany Srl. in Portoferraio. All of their products are handcrafted and made from natural ingredients, one of which is ozonated oil, which is essential to regenerate the skin and protect it from external agents. Visit the site and go to the company headquarters in Portoferraio, or visit one of the many stores across the island: your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Apart from the sea, Elba is famous for another kind of water. It is the mineral water called Fonte Napoleone that is served in most of restaurants and pizzerias on the island. It bubbles up from a natural spring on Mount Capanne at 430 meters above sea level. Nearby is the hermitage of San Cerbone where the Bishop of Populonia, a sixth century saint, fled to escape the invasion by Lombardy. Known and treasured by Napoleon himself, it is said he used to go to Poggio (near the city of Marciana), to drink from the Acquaviva fountain. He immediately was cured from his bodily ills, as stated in the marble slab posted right next to the opening where you too can gather fresh water from the spring. The Fonte Napoleone water, in fact, stands out for its sheer lightness, due to the almost complete absence of dissolved salts. These features are also condoned as healthy in the Handbook of Hydroclimatology from the Clinic of Messini. Drinking is believing!

The ancient traditions of precious liquors from Elba. The islanders know it well: what better way to conclude a hearty meal in Elba except with a bit of "Smania" liquor. They are all handmade in the factory at Campo nell'Elba with strictly local ingredients and following the ancient traditional recipes. Limoncino, Mortadella, Mirto, Licorice and Amaro are just some of the great spirits produced by Smania. Unique in flavor and intensity, you can sample each one and buy them in elegant bottles of various sizes. Whether it is an intimate treat or a unique and personal gift, these liquors express the high quality and essence of Elba.