Party the night away or enjoy a relaxing day?

Just a few meters off the coast lies Elba, an island perfect for every traveler. With spas, clubs, beach parties, and aperitifs on the seaside, you will never get bored. What kind of traveler are you?

If you imagine a crowd of people dancing in their bathing suits and sunglasses, tan skin that moves to the beat of the music, what comes to your mind? Ibiza? Well, maybe that is because you have never been to Cavoli in July and August. The beautiful beach of Campo in this high summer period comes to life at night with fabulous beach parties sponsored by the hottest clubs on the island. With live music, international DJs and exceptional cocktails, these beach parties are the perfect way to end your day of postcard-perfect vacation in Elba. Stop by and join the party, and don’t forget to tag yourself in the photographs that are published every night by each club on their respective Facebook pages!

Experience the magic of a night in Elba. After dinner, take a trip to one of the characteristic live music pubs. Some of the best are found in Campo in Elba, Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro and Capoliveri. Your evenings will come alive with the color and richness of the sounds and voices of these international and local musicians. Or you can attend various daily events organized in the central squares of every village. You will find artists from all over the world, as well as traditional artists from the Island of Elba.

And the fun continues! Later on, you can choose from the four fantastic clubs on the island, all easily accessible from the town centers. The Club 64 in Portoferraio is especially renowned for its two distinct environments: outside is the dance music stage and inside is where the house music goes down. The Den in Campo nell'Elba, however, is a completely open club. You will dance under the stars, and trust us that the stars in Elba are unlike any others. So raise your drink in a toast to the beauty of the skies! A Capoliveri two clubs await you: the Mandel and Deco’. They offer fun and engaging atmospheres, foam parties, a variety of music and themed nights. An evening in Elba is one you will never forget!

In Elba, there is both time to be a party animal and time to relax. Imagine yourself enjoying a tasty drink on the beach with stunning views of the sea and live music playing pleasantly in the background throughout the evening. The choice is vast! You can enjoy the beaches of Marina di Campo, Portoferraio and Capoliveri for their beautiful seaside scenery that is best enjoyed with a glass Elba’s famous white wine. For the total experience, you can also rent a yacht for a day and enjoy the picture-perfect sea in a more intimate and exclusive way, far from the noisy and crowded beaches. If you like to relax with a golf club in hand, just head on down to the town of Portoferraio. You will find two wonderful golfing facilities here: the Elba Acquabona Golf Club and the Hermitage Golf Club. The Hermitage Golf Club is only open during the summer months while the Elba Acquabona Golf Club is open all year. Both of them await you to train your swing!

In Elba, relaxation becomes a lifestyle. Some people want to enjoy their holiday as a sacred moment of rest and rejuvenation for the mind and body. If you’re one of them, then don’t miss a trip to the San Giovanni Spa and Hot Springs in Portoferraio. In this paradise, nestled the wilderness overlooking the sea, you can enjoy massages, sauna, emotional relaxation classes, beauty treatments and many others relaxing activities for total body rejuvenation. In other words, it is the apotheosis of relaxation.

Whether you are a lover of midnight swimming, music, all-night parties, dancing, relaxation at the spa or the silence of nature, Elba has something for you. It doesn’t matter how you like to relax, on this small island anyone can find their own personal piece of paradise. Choose from a host of stimulating activities and plan your perfect vacation. Why choose between fun and relaxation, when in Elba you can enjoy both?