For an active vacation, choose Elba!

For you those who love nature, sports, and outdoor activities, the Island of Elba is the perfect vacation destination for you.

Finally, the long awaited moment is here: vacation time! When you’re packing your bags for your holiday in Elba, the following items are necessary for an active and fun-filled vacation: a bathing suit, snorkeling mask, running shoes, and a comfortable backpack. The rest is waiting for you in Elba. Discover the island from every possible angle with the spirit of a triathlete!

A sea to explore, and to live! Whether it is the fine white sand or the steep cliffs, the water as clear and calm as glass or rough and agitated by the wind, you cannot help but be enchanted by the Elba’s sea. You can pick from a host of activities to do in the big blue from a simple swim to imitating scenes from Iron Man in the Gulf of Marina di Campo. Take a trip to the bottom of the sea at Coralline or explore Pablo’s Peaks. Take advantage of the experience of the large number of experienced and knowledgeable scuba divers on the island. They will guide you underwater to admire one of the most rich and bio-diverse marine environments in the Mediterranean Sea.

Don’t want to jump into the water? There are many other opportunities to interact with the sea while remaining “almost” dry. Start with a search for the best wind in the Gulf of Portoferraio. You can rent a small sailboat and become captains for a few hours. Or perhaps you want to challenge the powers of Aeolus - god of the winds - on a windsurfing board, starting from the beach at Lido di Capoliveri. Or for a more relaxed experience, try paddling between the brilliant ferrous rocks of the coast between Rio Marina and Cavo in a sleek kayak.

Activities for cyclists. Whether by road or mountain bike, Elba is the perfect island to explore on two wheels. Hundreds of kilometers of roads and trails will guide you on your discovery of the Island of Elba. With a super-light bike, you can master the continuous elevation changes on the gorgeous western route and discover the series of scenic viewpoints and villages such as Seccheto and Patresi. A fat-wheeled bike is the perfect choice to take on the multi-terrain, varied paths of the Capoliveri Bike Park and Mount Orello. And for the more technical bikers, those who love full suspension, challenge yourselves with the slopes of Mount Capanne. Try out the old road called the Madonna del Monte, which leads to the villages of Marciana Pomonte and Chiessi.

And for those travelers who want to get around by foot? Take a run on Elba. It is ideal for reducing stress, as you will run all of your problems off the island. Take a deep breath, headphones in your ears and you’re off! Down the alleys of the small villages of San Piero and Sant'Ilario, with their steps made of brilliant granite. Head onwards to Mount Perone where the green and the silence will regenerate your body and mind. For those who like a slower pace but still want to be active, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park has hundreds of different hiking trails. You will discover hidden treasures like Cala di Marciana Marina. Discover the physical benefits of Nordic walking, or "walking with poles." Add this to the benefits of the iron magnetism in the mining areas of Capoliveri and Rio Marina and you will never feel healthier!

These are just a few of many physical activities that are available to you on the island of Elba. The sporty island of Elba is waiting for you; you just have to accept the challenge!