Elba Kids 2016
Elbakids 2016: from the 8th of May the Elba is the kid’s island

For more than a month, from the 8th of May to the 21st of June 2016, Elba Island, as every spring, hosts Elbakids: a dense agenda of meetings, between games, nature, sport, music, shows, events and labs thought for the entertaining of the younger ones and for their families.

In this enchanted world the everyday life has a lot to do with the inhabitants of the nature kingdom and the fantasy-world characters, in order to tell authentic traditions and and timeless tales, putting in this way past and present together. Every year the children’s joy is uncontainable on the island and blends with lights, colors and drawings. It’s their island and, indeed, not only during springtime. Here’s partytime on all the seasons.

What lacks in the cities, at Elba becomes an opportunity of free play at the open air: an important occasion of sociality in an oasis of peace and safety. At the end, it’s not a case if at the Elba one tourist out of three is a kid. During springtime, the sun gives at Elba Island a summer spoiler, enlighting the ideal playground to start the exploration of nature, history and old misteries.

Only here it’s impossible to get bored, because there’s always something to do. The children will be able to live a day as miners, visiting museums and labs where they will learn how to use the colours of the land.

They will get the chance to take a break with the seagulls, to stroll among the natural treasures of the Tuscan Archipelagus Park, but also to sail and kayak for the older ones.

Furthermore they will have the possibility to play the role of professional bikers, going through easy trails, in the Calamita bike park in Capolivieri or in that of Rio Elba, between pinewoods and good-smelling mediterranean maquis. And yet they may become vintage shysters and head the wind-blowed sails onto the blue sea, or expert divers ready for the backdrop explorations, simply with pins and goggles. On the alwaysland, paraphrasing Peter Pan, everything is possible! And yes, also to spot dolphins and wales.

What other island can give you as many emotions altogether and so close one to another?


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