Special camping offers

Disciplinary camping areas Bike Friendly (guaranteed 10 services out of 13)

  • Safe bike keeping - Bike deposit: availability of a closed, free and safe place to park your bike. Presence of suitable bike racks.

  • Repair shop for basic bike care: availability for all the guests of basic tools to fix the bikes. Possibility, with an extra charge, of most common fixing items (inner tube, tip top, cables, parts)

  • Routes informations for cyclers and internet spot: free, on loan or on sale supply of cycle-turistic area maps. Hiking trail maps & GPS.

  • Dryer places: availability for the guests of suitable places to dry their clothes.

  • Informations regarding the cyclers services: bike and repair shop informations around you (telephone numbers and opening hours)

  • Availability of one night stay: possibilty to sleep even just for one night.

  • Bike washing area: possibility to wash the bike in the structure area.

  • Laundry service: laundry or washing machine use free or with charge.

  • Emergency: possibility to get injured bikers.

  • Bike rent and accessories: presence of good quality bikes at rent, or informations regarding the possibility to find rent shops around you.

  • Bike transport and luggage: professional service for the luggage pick up and drop off and for the technical gear that allows to the biker to freely move from one structure to another.

  • Bike route in the immediate vicinity: easily approachable structure by bike without big difficulties or risks (excessive inclination, crowded streets)

  • General informations: train and public transports timetables, specialized magazines and literature, information about other bike hotels, guest book for feedback and experience reporting.


"Valle S.Maria"


"Camping Lacona Pineta"


"Elba Doc Camping Village"


"Camping Laconella"


"Camping Village Stella Mare"