Elba Active 2016
ElbaActive 2016: from the 8th of May the Elba is the outdoor and biking paradise

For more than a month, from the 8th of May to the 21st of June 2016, the Elba Island, as every spring, hosts ElbaActive: a rich calendar of events and activities for outdoor and bike lovers.

The spring shines at the Elba, the island emerged from the Earth depth 7 millions of years ago: the sky is clear, the clouds seem soft cotton tufts and the breathtaking views to be photographed and to be always brought with yourself are guaranteed. This is why it’s the favorite destination for those who love to move at the open air, stay at close contact with nature, foster their passions, refind the balance and, why not, also for those who love to start new experiences for the first time, like climbing or kayaking.

Endless trail for bikers and hikers, the Elba satisfies both who practices extreme sports and quieter people. The biggest island of the Tuscan Archipelago has an unparalleled outdoor vocation, where sport, environment and psychophysical wellness go together with adventure, through kilometers of paths to follow, exploration itineraries and immersive nature activities, such as hiking, light speleology, walking, nordic walking and rowing. Everything in one territory both above and underwater. Yes, because to wait the most active guests there are also the typical cliffs, fascinating backdrops, natural caves sculptured by waves, numerous species of fish and the untouched natural marine reserves as the one of Scoglietto di Portoferraio. From the spring onwards, the waters of the Elba Island host the most demanding sub, while on the surface the wind-blowed sails crowd and colour the sea. The uniqueness of the island is enclosed in a life philosphy that knows how to combine in a spontaneous way adventure and sport with culture, history and above all respect for the natural environments.

Massages, spas, traditional cuisine, yoga and meditation are just some of the Elban rewards. Within a day, only at the Elba Island you can live the most different experiences: in the morning you can find yourself on one of the GTE trails, the Grande Traversata Elbana (Great Elban Crossing); in the afternoon mountain bike activities, following one of the path within the Capolivieri Bike Park, on the Mount Calamita promontory. As background, the screes and the Mediterranean maquis scented trails, from which discover the small underneath villages and the green of a palpitant and vivid nature.

This is not an island as the others: this is the Elba.