Giglio, the island of mysterious beauty and Templars

Giglio, Italy is characterized by her romantic, almost magical, spirit. This spirit comes from tales spoken by the sea and the wind, from the lush vegetation and granite landscape, and from the brave Templar sailors.

As you sail across the waters of the Tuscan Archipelago, the Island of Giglio will appear before you like a colorful band of houses painted in friendly pastel colors. Among these houses are powerful yet majestic towers used for defense against the pirates and other invaders many years ago. Surrounding it all is the classic, lush, and rich Mediterranean vegetation. This poetic vision will capture both your heart and your soul before you even step foot onto this little magical island off of the coast of Italy.

The charming island of Giglio is the second largest in the Tuscan Archipelago, after Elba. The island is protected by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park because of its rich history and cultural heritage. Giglio is known for her mountainous landscape that is rich in granite rock. Her most important and famous peaks are Poggio della Pagana, which rises to 496 meters, and the two peaks of Castellucci which each reach 470 meters respectively. These are two great hiking spots for those travelers who love to get active outdoors.

So, how do you get there? It is pretty easy; just take the ferry from Porto Santo Stefano in the Argentario. Giglio is just one hour away by boat. You will disembark in one of the three towns on the island. The oldest port dates all the way back to Roman times. Charming and full of nightlife during the tourist season, Giglio is dominated by the Torre del Saraceno and the two lighthouses on her historic and beautiful docks. From here you can walk to the main beaches of Cannelle, Caldane and Arenella. On the east coast of the island, do not miss a trip to the gorgeous beach of Campese. Trust us; Giglio is an island not to be missed! If you are staying on Elba and don’t want to get a hotel in Giglio, it is an easy and pleasant day trip by boat. Check out the specifics before you go, and join us in Giglio!

While Giglio is a small island, it boasts a wide variety of beaches. While there is a long coastline of lovely and popular beaches, you can also enjoy the more intimate coves that are surrounded by wild and beautiful nature. Take a walk to these beaches with the help of mules on the ancient cobbled paths. Despite the charming towns of Giglio, the islands' landscape is mainly composed of untouched natural wonders (over 90 percent of land is undeveloped!). Among these wonders are the harmonious and vast pine forests and cultivated agricultural terraces, which were used in ancient times for growing grapes. The trails get be a little tricky because they are uneven and rocky. However, this means that these places of rare and intimate beauty are still mostly untouched. Check out the incredible natural wonders in combination with views of the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. In addition to discovering the hidden views, enjoy the quiet of nature on Giglio Island. You may very well be the only visitors at any given moment. Like we said, a visit to Giglio is truly unique and priceless.

Giglio Castello is a medieval town of great beauty and mystery. It dominates the area of Rocca Pisana with its famous, powerful walls. When you arrive, the atmosphere will shock you. Do not be surprised if you feel like you are back in the 12th century (although without the Black Plague). Then wander along the lovely hiking trails and up to the defense towers. Try to imagine the frantic battles under the onslaught of fierce enemies and even pirates. The Church of St. Peter the Apostle dates back to the fifteenth century and is truly breathtaking as well. It is full of very valuable and famous works of art as well as some of the relics from the monastery of Saint Mamiliano, which were saved and preserved by the people of Giglio. If you prefer something more mentally stimulating, take a day to search for the legacy of the brilliant Templars on the trail to the monastery of San Giovanni

Giglio Campese is the most stunning and beautiful gem on the island. The great public square and the Tower of Campese characterize this charming town on the Gulf of Campese. Built in 1700, the famous tower is the only remaining evidence of the tragic pirate attack of 1799 that left it in ruins. After the opening of the pyrite mine in 1938, the town began to fill up again. However, the mines were closed down in 1962 and the economy gave way to an economy based on tourism.   From Florence, Giglio is easy to reach. Once you get there, you can decide where to explore her stunning nature, or perhaps spend the day sprawled and comfortable on the beach. Get your tan on, sip a long drink, and enjoy the good life Giglio-style!