A natural paradise for everyone

The third biggest island in Italy, Elba can be explored exclusively on foot in order to not miss a single of her many miracles.

The island of Elba is the capital of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park thanks to her rich geological territory, stunning landscapes and vast biodiversity. A big island in the shape of a fish, in Elba the pristine, uncontaminated sea is united with her rolling hills and low mountains.  

The tropical sea, just a few steps from home. Aquamarine, turquoise, crystalline – the colors of the sea in Elba have the same names as the precious gems and minerals that are the heart and soul of the island and her surrounding currents. From the smallest organism to the great whales of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the sea in Elba is such a riot of shapes and shades that you will never be able to forget it, nor experience anything like it. All you need is a snorkeling mask and a dip in the sea! Did you know that right off the beach you can sea seahorses?

The animals in Elba are varied and beautiful. For example, the Vanessa del Cardo butterflies come from Africa to Elba every year by the millions. This is a rather small butterfly, but nonetheless it is very strong and fearless as it challenges the winds and the fates just to reach this Promised Land in colorful flocks. Like the Vanessa del Cardo butterflies, many species have conquered the island. Some just visit in passing and others have become sedentary. Others have chosen to live here and only here.

The scents of Elba are a symphony of different notes. The aroma of the mimosas that flower in January and February after sunset is enchanting and magical. Then comes the awakening of the flowers, which are the essence of the Mediterranean, between April and May. The scents of ripe fruit, apricots, blackberries and prickly pears waft in the breezes throughout the summer months. Then come the chestnut trees in autumn and the lemons and oranges in winter. And of course, the smell of the sea on the wind is never missing. Every minute of every day in Elba has a special scent for you, which is the first among your souvenirs. It is something that cannot be purchased, but it will remain yours, intimately, forever.

Nature to be discovered and photographed. Enfola, Marciana, Rio and Pianosa are the premises of the Park Houses, where you can become intimately acquainted with the life and nature of Elba Life projects underway. And for lovers of nature photography, we recommend bringing multiple memory cards! One card will not be enough to capture the endless beauties of Elba.

An explosion of life, colors, and emotions. Elba will evoke many emotions from your hearts, which are unique and indescribable with simple words. Come and add your page to the story of this wonderful island.